710 LA ESPN Mandy Awards

A Night to Remember: Recap of the 710 LA ESPN Mandy Awards III

The 710 LA ESPN Mandy Awards dazzled with excitement and unforgettable moments. As guests entered, they were greeted by spectacular holograms that set the stage for an incredible evening including 3D holograms of Mason and Ireland’s heads that won show of the year.  Attendees eagerly snapped photos with their favorite radio personalities during a wildly successful meet-and-greet on a glamorous red carpet.

Inside the bustling event tent, buzzing with energy for its 1,000 guests, the night unfolded with an outdoor feast and multiple lively bars scattered throughout. A 25-minute highlight reel showcasing the best of 710’s on-air antics, played on three screens courtesy of Citrus College.

At 8 PM, the main event started with the charismatic Chris Morales steering the festivities. A standout moment came when Mason and Ireland presented the “Most Hated Host” award and TLC’s  robotic dog joined them on stage, specially decked out with 710 graphics and the Mandy Awards logo. Holograms around the venue displayed amusing graphics of Mason and Ireland, celebrating 20 years of excellence.

The robotic dog made a playful return, delighting the crowd and adding to the night’s entertainment. Momo (best replacement host) enjoyed interacting with the Robot Dog. Throughout the awards, music from a DJ and live band kept spirits high, complemented by TLC’s interactive light-up wristbands that engaged everyone. The peak of excitement was when the entire audience waved their wristbands in sync with Pepe Mantilla.

After the awards, the celebration continued into a vibrant dance after-party where the robotic dog mingled with guests, ensuring laughter and unforgettable experiences until the last dance. The 710 LA ESPN Mandy Awards truly celebrated the pinnacle of sports broadcasting with a night filled with fun and laughter.

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Special Shoutout to all the award winners:
Man of the PeopleBest Play-by-playBit of the Year
Beto DuranJohn IrelandValentine’s Day Chat GPT
Most KnowledgeableUnsung HeroProducer of the Year
John IrelandPepe MantillaProducer Emily
Most HatedListener’s ChoiceShow of the Year
Chris MoralesChris WardMason & Ireland
Fill-in HostBest SegmentFan of the Year
Ramona ShelburneGame of GamesJohn Ferris
Best SmileAssociate ProducerHost of the Year
Laura RomoBrian CohenSteve Mason
Funniest HostPersonality of the Year
Mychal ThompsonChris Morales

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